Hundred Word Wander – Coffee

The genie asked, “What should the world be made of, master?” I could’ve said anything. I could’ve made it out of diamonds, gold, fuckin’ happiness, I dunno.

But it was half seven in the morning, so of course I said coffee.

It’s not even the beans, either; it’s honest-to-God liquid coffee. I’m being sucked into this pungent whirlpool of stupidity, and all I know is that I’ve got a fuckin’ good excuse to be off work today.

I even consider drinking some, but then I see old Ben doing a gleeful backstroke.

Definitely not. The bastard drinks tea, after all.

Hundred Word Wander – Spy

The target bought a grande cappuccino at Costa, 10:35.

She checked her phone as she waited for it to cool. Every so often, her gaze would go askance, towards a tall man a table down. He had also bought a grande cappuccino, five minutes before. The man seemed preoccupied himself, watching something outside of the café.

Then I noticed their clothes. Long, brown trenchcoat, sunglasses, dipped fedora. Waistcoats and formal shirts, prim and proper. Thick, black boots ready for walking.

Suddenly, I looked behind me, and I saw the third, a smaller man in the same garb.

I sighed.

Not again.

Hundred Word Wander – Fissure

When my teacup fell over, I knew it was the end of the world.

It was my favourite cup, filled with piping hot English Breakfast. The other cups soon followed, but I was still in the thrall of my shattered favourite. Tiles fell from the roof, shattering against my beautiful floor; my word, I just cleaned it!

Positively fuming, I left for my garden, which did little to quell my anger. Flowers torn from their roots, earth tearing apart with a terrible groan, and hooligans screaming for their worthless lives.

I sighed.

If only I had that cup of tea…