Quote Of The Week

“I really need to learn how to say no to that boy,” she lamented, trudging over to the still open French door. “Otherwise he’s just going to ask for my arms one day and I just won’t have the heart to refuse…or the arms, for that matter.”

– Ciara Fletcher, When Death Passed


New Page Added!

Hey, all!

Since I figured we were a bit lacking in accessibility of info here, I’ve added a dedicated page for When Death Passed, my sci-fi adventure novel (to the right of the ‘about’).

I’ll also be doing this for my future novels, so I suppose that navigation bar might start to get a bit crowded >.>.

Oh well. I guess I’ll figure that one out as I go ^^’.

Not gonna lie, I’m glad I haven’t seen many ‘rape as backstory’ cases recently. Not only is it pretty repulsive, but it’s also really lazy if your fast reaction to adding depth to a character is to have them be raped in the past.

Easy drama is not always good drama, guys.