Songs In Haiku – Destroy The Obvious

Song by Evans Blue

In a pool of blood

What you are in the dark is

A lie amongst lies


Elf Story, Chapter Six Done!

In which everyone has a good chat around dinner, with only the slightest undertones of something dark and extremely ominous.

Best out-of-context line?

“Oh, surely you know by now how appearances can be deceiving, hm? I may not be wearing a battle dress made of spikes and broken dreams, but that doesn’t make me any less dangerous.”

– Lily, Elf Story

Elf Story, Chapter Five Done!

In which Mel is forced into combat, except the combat’s not quite ready yet so could you come back a bit later? Thanks.

Best out-of-context line?

“Oh, most definitely,” Lily agreed. “It’s just nice for someone to notice for a change. After all, while suplexing people into the dirt is fun, it’s really not good for my wardrobe.”

– Lily, Elf Story