Elf Story, Chapter Ten Done!

Aha! Bet you thought I’d given up, didn’t you? Nope. This novel’s still on, even if it means only doing one hundred words a day ’till it’s finished.

I have it on good authority that that won’t be necessary, but hey, a backup is always nice.

Best out-of-context line?

“I’m not even mad,” she said softly, almost in awe. “If I ever leave something behind that messes with someone a couple thousand years later, then that’s a life well-spent right there.”

– Mel,  Elf Story


Hundred Word Wander – Rust

Dark, cold metal rusts around me, rusts with me. The four eyes continue to prod and poke, their white not-fur flapping away.

There was a smell once. A smell of death. Perhaps they purged it.

Perhaps I’ve gotten used to it.

And there’s a crack. A widening, where the sound echoes, where I hear somewhere else. A place of wind, of green, of laughter.

Even as my eyes turn to dust in this prison, I can almost see it, smell this other world, this ‘outside’.

Is it home?

I don’t know.

But when the crack widens further, it will be.