Hundred Word Wander – Heart

She never missed a day.

Even in rain, sleet and snow, she’d see me after school. We would chat about this and that, about what she’d learned in class, or how my calibrations were going.

After a while, she brought gifts, curiosities, treasures from the old world. The skeleton of a bird, picked clean by vultures. A small, slim device used to keep in contact. A ribbon.

But then they saw me. Saw me wear it, demanded to know the whos and whys. Kept her away, forever, maybe.

And then, I wondered why…

Why I felt heartache without a heart.


Quote of the Week

“Well, when you’re young, there’s a kind of urgency to everything. Getting a job, finding a home, love…it all has to happen fast. Still, you should know by now that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to slow down.”

– Aaron Fletcher, When Death Passed