Hundred Word Wander – Ship

I still remember the first few days. Salt in the sea breeze, my hand dipping through the rolling waves, and the ship’s soft rocking that so quickly lulled me into slumber, like a babe in the cradle.

But now, when it’s just me and the ship, trapped in an endless watery desert…the memory corrupts, twists what I once loved into cold prison bars.


I scrabble to the starboard bow, mouth agape as something bangs against the ship. Soaked clothes, ragged hair…a human. Probably a corpse.

I pull them up. “Another damned mouth,” I say.

Salvation, I think.


Elf Story, Chapter Twelve Done!

And I’m already like, halfway through chapter thirteen, too. We’re picking up speed, peeps!

Best out-of-context line?

“Wow, this looks like…something!” Faith exclaimed, trotting over to Mel and Ash. “Is it a magical circle? Are we summoning a demon?!”

“The only demon we summoned was the demon of hyperactivity, and oh hey, here she is.”

– Faith and Mel, Elf Story


Quote of the Week

“Eh? Why wouldn’t she?”

“I don’t know, she’s…what’s the word? Vaguely responsible?”

“Ah yes,” Yang began, narrowing her eyes. “The fun killer. I know it well.”

– Ruby and Yang, To The Heart Seeking Freedom