Hundred Word Wander – Chalk

I was flat broke, not gonna lie, but summoning chalk’s cheap…all the items were. A banana, a pair of worn trainers, an object precious to the summoner…

I patted Mister Bearsly as I laid him in the summoning triangle.

Do me proud, buddy…just one last time.

Things went well, at first. In fact, things went fantastically for about fifteen minutes, but by the third cartwheel…I slipped. I smudged chalk here, there, Bearsly fell from his perch…


“I am Satan, King of Demons. Why hath you summoned me, mortal?”

I blinked.

“Do you…know anything about tailoring?”


Quote of the Week

All in all, the shadow was having a fairly good day so far. It had successfully consumed a delicious, delicious heart, and now it had pinpointed an extremely potent source of light.

Then it got sent flying through a window, and that’s when things started going downhill.

– Chapter Four, To The Heart Seeking Freedom

Illness Hiatus

Hey peeps >.>.

I’ve got a seriously bad headache + coldlike thing going on right now, so I’m finding it super duper tricky to do anything creative.

So I’m uh, just gonna focus on getting better for a bit.

I’ll be back when I’m well, don’t worry ^^’.

Quote of the Week

“Look, I…I know things must be confusing for you right now. Maybe I don’t know exactly what you’ve been through, but I’ve seen hundreds of others land here with that same look…like they can’t believe the apocalypse left without them.”

The girl took the toothpick from her mouth and leaned forward, rolling it between her palms.

“It gets easier, though. Maybe you won’t like it, and maybe you’ll always be torn up about what happened, but it will get easier. Then, after the dust has settled, you might just live a normal life again.”

– Weiss Schnee, To The Heart Seeking Freedom