Quote of the Week

“First the ice cream thing, now this. Was I the only one who didn’t drink from the cupboard under the sink this morning?”

– Weiss Schnee, To The Heart Seeking Freedom

Hundred Word Wander – Model

The lamplight sputters away, desperately trying to keep itself alight amongst the torrential gale of…oh, I don’t know, one mile per hour wind floating through the open window.

I sigh, laying across my smooth wooden desk as I wrack my brain for ideas.

Gah, if only the association opened Sundays…

My ears perk up at my love’s soft footsteps. I giggle as I feel his hand ruffle through my hair, marvelling as always at how smooth his skin is, how human.

And the bizarreness that this man was custom made for another, and yet…

Now he is mine…forever.