Hundred Word Wander – Juice

She never did like mornings. Her long, copper hair felt the heat as well as any wire, especially beneath the covers.

So she got up, and checked the fridge.

“Hey, Belzeroth!”

She rolled her eyes as Belzeroth announced his arrival with the usual hail of brimstone, soot and washing up liquid.

“We’re out of juice,” she continued. “Fix it.”


“Yeah, well, you owe me for pizza.”

BZOOMF! Demon™ brand juice zapped into her hand, and Belzeroth zapped out to avoid doing the dishes.

She shook her head, taking a sip of the sickly sweet juice.

“Fuckin’ demon roommates, man.”


Hundred Word Wander – Brimstone

“You have quite an impressive CV, Devon.”

Devon shifted in his seat of human skulls, too scared to ask for a pillow. After all, it’d probably be made from phoenix feathers or something.

“We were quite surprised that you had experience working in heaven, especially. How did you find it there?”

Devon looked up to the ten foot tall goat demon in front of him, its four eyes drilling deep into his soul.

“It was okay,” he replied minimally, wincing as his voice echoed. “I had some disagreements with the boss, though.”


“Yeah. Kept turning my water into wine.”