Songs In Haiku – Underdog

Song by You Me At Six

So convenient

Having someone to blame for

Our dog days, my ‘friend’


Hundred Word Wander – Glasses

It sat in the distance, atop its pile of trinkets, taunting me. Even from across the street, I could smell its evil stench, a mix of ash and sulfur often blamed on the local waste plant.


I tripped, but quickly scrabbled to my feet, grasping for my fallen glasses. Without them, the world was so green, clean and pure…and fake. Definitely fake.

A curious teenager offered my glasses, completely unaware of the chaos around her.

“Are you okay?” she asked, and when I equipped my glasses, I knew it was not.

For the dragon was right behind her.

Elf Story, Epilogue Done!

Boy oh boy. It’s been a longer road than I expected (and when isn’t it, really?), but I’ve damn done diddley did it. First draft complete.

I mean, sure, the final draft is probably going to be waaaay different, but I’ve got the baseline down, the beat. Now I just need to figure out the melody.

Best out-of-context line?

Well, thought Mel. At least they still have thumbs.

– Mel, Elf Story