Songs In Haiku – Disease

Song by Ghosts of August

Poison in my veins

Is you, I see. A shame that

I come back for more


Quote of the Week

“You want me to wake up an immortal, nigh-godlike spirit of the outer planes…by poking it?”

“Well of course it sounds foolhardy when you say it like that.”

Mel and Orin, Elf Story

(Note: Elf Story is undergoing intense editing, so any quotes featured in Quote of the Week may be subject to change in future drafts. Y’know, just so you’re aware.)

Hundred Word Wander – Soul

“So you don’t want to sell your soul?”

I glanced to the cupboard under the sink, where a small, annoying imp looked at me like a prime piece of sirloin.

“No,” I said, firmly. “I am quite alright, thank you.”

“It’s just…no one’s ever refused the money and power before,” the imp whined. “And then I tried the classic lust route and even that didn’t work!”

I tried closing the door, but all it did was POOF on top of a shelf instead. I sighed.

“What’s so good about my soul, eh?” I asked.

The imp shrugged. “Collector’s value?”

New Year, New Posts

Hey all!

As you might have noticed, this blog has been on hiatus for the last couple months due to various reasons, but with the new year comes new posts, woop woop!

Like before, the schedule is one post every two days, be that a haiku, short story or a quote. There might also be a news post or two knocking around, as I’m currently getting some help editing my second novel. Here’s hoping for a full published release! : D

Oh, and of course…Happy New Year, peeps!

P.S – No, this doesn’t count as a proper post. There’ll be another one a little later as the real first post of the year ^^.