In Progress: What Was Sown Among Thorns

Not quite as much as I wanted to write today, but something is better than nothing. That, and I got interrupted halfway through by people wanting to talk to me. Friggin’ socialising. : <

Point of Interest?

I am essentially writing very literal Netflix and chill right now. Except the Netflix is called Dustflix.



New About Page + FAQ

Good day, peoples of Earth!

Along with the restart of my blog, I’ve updated my about page, as well as adding an FAQ. If you have questions regarding commissions, Patreon, or just want to know more about me, that is definitely the place to go. Hope you like it!


Good day, peoples of Earth!

From now on, the Phoenix Nest will undergo a transformation of sorts. Rather than focusing on specific features like Songs In Haiku, I will instead be using this as a more general creative diary. If I do some writing/drawing/whatever, I will do a post about it here. I’ve already been doing this privately for about a month, so hey, might as well extend it to the world at large.

So, no more weekly features?

Not regularly, no. I won’t completely abandon them if I think of something especially cool, but as it was, having to grind through the same thing over and over was playing hell for my creativity. Way I’ve figured it, this should be better for us both. : >

What’s the update schedule, then?

Daily, my friend! Well, more or less. I’ve been working on creative stuff for about a month now, and while I have missed the odd day, it’s been going pretty well. At minimum (unless I say I’m going on holiday or something), you can expect content every two days, but it could very well be more than that.

What sort of things will you post?

At the time of writing this post, I’m working on a RWBY fanfiction over on Archive Of Our Own called What Was Sown Among Thorns. If I do some writing for that, I’ll do a short post, usually entailing my thoughts on it. And, of course, when I post the chapter officially, it will be linked here as well.

In addition, you can expect visual art occasionally, when I’m not busy writing instead. As a preview of what I’m working on, you can check out the post after this one!

Is that book still in the works?

Yep, about 1/4 way through the second draft. It’s a massive overhaul on a conceptual level, so it’s going to take some time to finish—plus, I want to get this fanfic squared away before I do (since I don’t like leaving things hanging like that). Once I begin my editing there, I’ll make posts similar to the fanfic ones, perhaps with some insights into characters or my creative process.

I have a question!

Do you, now? Well, if you want to get in contact me, send me an email at I check my email daily, so it shouldn’t take me long to reply. If it does, maybe check my blog to make sure I’m not in another country or something.

Is that all?

Sure is, friend. It’s good to be back. : >

Quote of the Week

“You want me to wake up an immortal, nigh-godlike spirit of the outer planes…by poking it?”

“Well of course it sounds foolhardy when you say it like that.”

Mel and Orin, Elf Story

(Note: Elf Story is undergoing intense editing, so any quotes featured in Quote of the Week may be subject to change in future drafts. Y’know, just so you’re aware.)

New Year, New Posts

Hey all!

As you might have noticed, this blog has been on hiatus for the last couple months due to various reasons, but with the new year comes new posts, woop woop!

Like before, the schedule is one post every two days, be that a haiku, short story or a quote. There might also be a news post or two knocking around, as I’m currently getting some help editing my second novel. Here’s hoping for a full published release! : D

Oh, and of course…Happy New Year, peeps!

P.S – No, this doesn’t count as a proper post. There’ll be another one a little later as the real first post of the year ^^.

Elf Story, Epilogue Done!

Boy oh boy. It’s been a longer road than I expected (and when isn’t it, really?), but I’ve damn done diddley did it. First draft complete.

I mean, sure, the final draft is probably going to be waaaay different, but I’ve got the baseline down, the beat. Now I just need to figure out the melody.

Best out-of-context line?

Well, thought Mel. At least they still have thumbs.

– Mel, Elf Story