New Year, New Posts

Hey all!

As you might have noticed, this blog has been on hiatus for the last couple months due to various reasons, but with the new year comes new posts, woop woop!

Like before, the schedule is one post every two days, be that a haiku, short story or a quote. There might also be a news post or two knocking around, as I’m currently getting some help editing my second novel. Here’s hoping for a full published release! : D

Oh, and of course…Happy New Year, peeps!

P.S – No, this doesn’t count as a proper post. There’ll be another one a little later as the real first post of the year ^^.


Return From Hiatus


Sorry for the lack of updates, but I just started university a couple days ago so things have been a liiiittle hectic ^^’. Still, I think things have calmed down sufficiently that I can return to regular posts, that being one post per two days.

Glad to be back, folks!

Illness Hiatus

Hey peeps >.>.

I’ve got a seriously bad headache + coldlike thing going on right now, so I’m finding it super duper tricky to do anything creative.

So I’m uh, just gonna focus on getting better for a bit.

I’ll be back when I’m well, don’t worry ^^’.