In Progress: What Was Sown Among Thorns

This was some heavy writing. To be honest, I’m feeling pretty out of my depth with this one, but I’ll give it a shot regardless.

Point of Interest?

Today’s chapter preview is brought to you by institutionalized fantastic racism. Not quite my area of expertise, but hopefully my research will pay off.


Hench (Art)

Do you even lift?

A friend of mine sent a particularly HENCH selfie sample, so I decided to do a ‘lil chibi drawing based on it. Oh, and I got permission to post this here from said friend, so no worries there.

Point of Interest?

Well, this is one of the first times I’ve drawn a chibi with ears. I wasn’t going to, but the reference photo had her with ear buds in, and since I didn’t want to deviate much at all from it…bam. My chibis have ears now. IT IS WRITTEN.

Magnumia Mellamander (Art)


Say hello to the wizard/witch Magnumia Mellamander! Or, uh, Maggy for short.

This was a character I designed for a D&D oneshot, but unfortunately, the game was cancelled before I could field her. Nevertheless, it gave me opportunity to train up my anatomy drawing and what not, so I can’t complain too much.

Point of Interest?

Aside from the pink? Well, the line art for this drawing was done entirely through vectors, courtesy of my usual art program, Krita. It was fiddly, no doubt, but it does provide a certain seal of quality, at least if you put enough time into it. For my next drawing, since I have the Adobe suite, I’m going to have a crack at doing it in Illustrator instead, since that program was built from the ground up to support vector stuff. Wish me luck!


Good day, peoples of Earth!

From now on, the Phoenix Nest will undergo a transformation of sorts. Rather than focusing on specific features like Songs In Haiku, I will instead be using this as a more general creative diary. If I do some writing/drawing/whatever, I will do a post about it here. I’ve already been doing this privately for about a month, so hey, might as well extend it to the world at large.

So, no more weekly features?

Not regularly, no. I won’t completely abandon them if I think of something especially cool, but as it was, having to grind through the same thing over and over was playing hell for my creativity. Way I’ve figured it, this should be better for us both. : >

What’s the update schedule, then?

Daily, my friend! Well, more or less. I’ve been working on creative stuff for about a month now, and while I have missed the odd day, it’s been going pretty well. At minimum (unless I say I’m going on holiday or something), you can expect content every two days, but it could very well be more than that.

What sort of things will you post?

At the time of writing this post, I’m working on a RWBY fanfiction over on Archive Of Our Own called What Was Sown Among Thorns. If I do some writing for that, I’ll do a short post, usually entailing my thoughts on it. And, of course, when I post the chapter officially, it will be linked here as well.

In addition, you can expect visual art occasionally, when I’m not busy writing instead. As a preview of what I’m working on, you can check out the post after this one!

Is that book still in the works?

Yep, about 1/4 way through the second draft. It’s a massive overhaul on a conceptual level, so it’s going to take some time to finish—plus, I want to get this fanfic squared away before I do (since I don’t like leaving things hanging like that). Once I begin my editing there, I’ll make posts similar to the fanfic ones, perhaps with some insights into characters or my creative process.

I have a question!

Do you, now? Well, if you want to get in contact me, send me an email at I check my email daily, so it shouldn’t take me long to reply. If it does, maybe check my blog to make sure I’m not in another country or something.

Is that all?

Sure is, friend. It’s good to be back. : >