Songs In Haiku – Grandma (NieR OST)

Song by Keiichi Okabe, sung by Emi Evans

Strength flees from the soul

As spectres of the past see

Cruel debts paid in full


Hundred Word Wander – Stone

The hall was silent.

“Hello?” I managed. “Heart of my Heart?”

It felt wrong to tiptoe down that sacred place, watched by Hearts long past, or at least, by their paintings. Many bore a stern, regal look, but when the Cardus family came into view, their eyes were full of warmth, courage and trust.

That was a sire you’d be proud of, they’d said. I’d said.

“Heart of my Heart?”

Icarus Cardus was my sire. When I was born from the earth, his kindly eyes were the first thing I saw.

And now, the forges dead, eyes closed…never again.